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We're the Specialist Mobile Truck Cleaning Company

CCV provide professional mobile truck cleaning services at your yard in Christchurch. We specialise in all aspects of truck cleaning from pre-delivery cleans on new trucks right up to reconditioning ex-forestry vehicles for sale.

It's all about appearance.

Everyday your vehicles are out there everyday exposing your brand to the public. Make the most of this advertising by keeping your fleet clean and presentable. It's also important to keep your vehicles clean for the sake of your staff that drive them. A truck cab is virtually their office - set the standard high by having it cleaned thoroughly for the drivers to then maintain.

Why contract out your Truck Cleaning?

We've got a vast range of tools and experience to get the job done efficiently and professionally the first time around. Save the cost of in-house hiring. Many companies find that our services free-up time for their staff to be doing more important, chargeable, work.

Our Services

Any of our services are available at a fixed hourly rate. You choose what you need done on each truck and we'll do it. Our services are designed to be tailored to your needs and budget.

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truck cab cleaning

Interior Cab Cleaning

Mud, stain and smell removal are all part of our Interior Cab Cleaning service. We use our shampoo machine to remove soiling from the seats, carpet and upholstery. All interior plastic surfaces are cleaned and dressed. Changing drivers? Ask for an Interior Cab Clean to set the standard.

cut and polish

Cut and Polish

We can cut and polish your truck to remove both dull oxidised paint and scratches from the clear coat. A good cut and polsih can make the world of difference to the apperance of your truck. Once it's been done the paint will be smoother and will be easier to keep clean too. Have this done once a year and have your driver regularly wash from there to keep it looking good.

wax removal

New-Vehicle Wax Removal

New trucks are often covered in manufacturer-applied protectant shipping wax. While it keeps the chrome and other metals safe from sea salt and transport damage, it's not easy to remove when it comes time to sell. We've got the experience to remove this wax thoroughly and properly.

signwriting removal

Signwriting Removal

Need signwriting removed? We can do it. Often signwriting removal needs a machine cut afterwards to get the paint looking uniform. We do this standard with the service.

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